Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Real Estate Direct Marketing From Trash To CASH!

trashcanReal Estate Direct Marketing From Trash To CASH!

So many direct marketing for Real Estate get circular filed, (trashed) it’s unreal. Most people are immune to all the mail they get inundated with on a daily basis. If it doesn’t grab their attention right away chance are it will end up in the trash. In fact, most people look at their mail right next to the trashcan. Bill, bill, bill, marketing piece…trash, bill…ect. You get the point. What can we do to change that? What will make us stand out from all the other mail pieces and what get people to open our mail piece.

Here are 3 little tips that can change your direct mail from trash to cash!

Send your direct mail pieces in bright colors. If you’re using a postcard or envelopes use colors that stand out. Light Red, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow. Make sure it has a catchy tag line like “Find The Hidden Profits In Your Home”. This will make sure it gets

read. Who doesn’t want to know about hidden profits in their home! Right!

Hand write the persons name and address and in the bottom left corner put “I Buy Homes Just Like Yours”. Or if you’re buying lake properties put “I Buy Lake Home’s Just Like Yours”. Be specific to your niche you’re targeting and you get huge results. You do not need to put a return address. I’ve tested it both ways and the results didn’t change.

This is my favorite! Use a #10 window envelope with a window on it. Create a letter that looks like a check. MAKE sure to say, “this item has no cash value” more than once. We’ve actually have had people try to cash them at the bank.

Then on the rest of the letter put your marketing message. Don’t get too wordy, you just want them to take action and call you.

Now you want to be able to track your mail pieces somehow. Just add a piece of code or word. If you want them to call make sure to use a word that is easy. Like “snow”. Then you will know that the snow pieces went out on such and such a date, was this color and said, whatever it said. If you’re sending them to a website make sure you capture their name email and code. After you do this for about 6 months you have a really good idea of what works and what doesn’t work.

Ken Spohn is the creator of the Ultimate Real Estate Leads System software and a marketing expert. To find out more about the software tool visit.

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