Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pawn Shops for targeted Real Estate leads

pawn-shopPawn Shops may be a good source to find Real Estate seller leads. This means if people are trading in their items, chances are they are not looking to buy a home anytime soon.

This may sound bad, but try hanging around pawn shops or leaving a stack of brochures/flyers/business cards there. When people are hocking their valuables because they are short on cash, they might be

good candidates to sell their homes to get the cash out of their homes or to get out from the burden.

Talk to the owner or manager and let him know you'll give a finders fee (check on your state laws) if you have a successful closing from someone they referred from the Real Estate lead.

Pro - The people selling their homes may just want to get out from under the debt and may be willing to take what ever they can get. Most times when people are selling their stuff at a pawn shop they are one payment from foreclosure or they are already in foreclosure and just trying to keep the lights on.

This could be an opportunity for you to do a short sale. Short sales can be a challenge if you've never done one. If you don't know how to-do a short sale contact a professional that does and work out some type of split on a successful close of escrow.

Con - You will have to be persistent with these people. More than likely they will be totally distracted with bill collectors, food for the kids, gas for the car and a thousand other reasons. When you finally do get to meet with them, make sure you have a system in place so all the documents that need to be signed, get signed. Make sure if the home is deeded in two or more names all parties will be present and willing to sign the needed documents. Have a notary on call or bring one with you. You don't want to call them next day to ask them to sign something else. They could change their mind in that 24hr period and all your work will be wasted.

Another drawback is you will have to wait for them to call you. But, like so many other Real Estate lead generation marketing tips, this should not be your primary way of generating leads it will just be a bonus when they do call.

Summary - This is just one way to generate Real Estate leads, expand your mind of possibilities from just this one idea.

Ken Spohn is the creator of the Ultimate Real Estate Leads System software and a lead generation's expert. To find out more about the software tool visit.

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