Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Real Estate Direct Marketing From Trash To CASH!

trashcanReal Estate Direct Marketing From Trash To CASH!

So many direct marketing for Real Estate get circular filed, (trashed) it’s unreal. Most people are immune to all the mail they get inundated with on a daily basis. If it doesn’t grab their attention right away chance are it will end up in the trash. In fact, most people look at their mail right next to the trashcan. Bill, bill, bill, marketing piece…trash, bill…ect. You get the point. What can we do to change that? What will make us stand out from all the other mail pieces and what get people to open our mail piece.

Here are 3 little tips that can change your direct mail from trash to cash!

Send your direct mail pieces in bright colors. If you’re using a postcard or envelopes use colors that stand out. Light Red, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow. Make sure it has a catchy tag line like “Find The Hidden Profits In Your Home”. This will make sure it gets

read. Who doesn’t want to know about hidden profits in their home! Right!

Hand write the persons name and address and in the bottom left corner put “I Buy Homes Just Like Yours”. Or if you’re buying lake properties put “I Buy Lake Home’s Just Like Yours”. Be specific to your niche you’re targeting and you get huge results. You do not need to put a return address. I’ve tested it both ways and the results didn’t change.

This is my favorite! Use a #10 window envelope with a window on it. Create a letter that looks like a check. MAKE sure to say, “this item has no cash value” more than once. We’ve actually have had people try to cash them at the bank.

Then on the rest of the letter put your marketing message. Don’t get too wordy, you just want them to take action and call you.

Now you want to be able to track your mail pieces somehow. Just add a piece of code or word. If you want them to call make sure to use a word that is easy. Like “snow”. Then you will know that the snow pieces went out on such and such a date, was this color and said, whatever it said. If you’re sending them to a website make sure you capture their name email and code. After you do this for about 6 months you have a really good idea of what works and what doesn’t work.

Ken Spohn is the creator of the Ultimate Real Estate Leads System software and a marketing expert. To find out more about the software tool visit.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Intro To Wholesaling Real Estate For Quick Cash

wholesale-houseIntro To Wholesaling Real Estate For Quick Cash

Wholesaling Real Estate is a opportunity for someone with little cash and / or credit to get started and build a great income. Wholesaling Real Estate is not that complicated, in fact it’s something that someone can learn in less than one day. Wholesaling also does not require a Real Estate license or any special licensing.

This is a key point. You do not need a license to buy or sell a property if you have an equitable interest. That interest can be ownership, title to the property or a contract to purchase the property (contractual interest).

What is Wholesaling Real Estate?

A wholesaler only needs to focus on two things. First, finding deals and second, building and cultivating a network of real buyers. People often say they want to buy or can buy but often can not perform. A wholesaler needs to learn what questions to ask to weed out the pretenders from the performers.

Price can overcome a lot of objections. When a properties price is low enough a buyer will buy because he knows how to do the repairs and he knows what his profit margin will be when the property is sold.

Getting Started Wholesaling Real Estate

The ideal way to wholesale is to assign the contract or assign your interest to the investor buyer. This is not always possible. In the case of purchasing for a bank they will not let you assign the contract. In this case you have two options. One, do what is called a double escrow where you buy the property for about 5minutes then sell it to the investor. Two, you can create a LLC or Trust and then assign your interest of the entity to the investor buyer.
When writing the contract you will always use a contingency clause for unexpected things that may come up. This way you are not responsible for purchasing the property and you can get your deposit back.

A good wholesaler is a very well paid middle man. It’s not hard for a wholesaler to make $100k per year working a couple hours a day. Once a wholesaler has a good reputation, investors will love him and he will be the go to guy for their properties. People will contact him for a quick sale of a home because they know he can get it sold fast. If you have a good deal under contract for $55k and it’s worth $100k you should have no problem selling that property for $60k to a cash buyer in a couple of days.

Ken Spohn has been a Real Estate investor for over 20+ years and has wholesaled over 100 properties in the last 7 years. He has teamed up with Brian Haskins to give you an opportunity to see what wholesaling is all about. You can see what it’s all about here.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pawn Shops for targeted Real Estate leads

pawn-shopPawn Shops may be a good source to find Real Estate seller leads. This means if people are trading in their items, chances are they are not looking to buy a home anytime soon.

This may sound bad, but try hanging around pawn shops or leaving a stack of brochures/flyers/business cards there. When people are hocking their valuables because they are short on cash, they might be

good candidates to sell their homes to get the cash out of their homes or to get out from the burden.

Talk to the owner or manager and let him know you'll give a finders fee (check on your state laws) if you have a successful closing from someone they referred from the Real Estate lead.

Pro - The people selling their homes may just want to get out from under the debt and may be willing to take what ever they can get. Most times when people are selling their stuff at a pawn shop they are one payment from foreclosure or they are already in foreclosure and just trying to keep the lights on.

This could be an opportunity for you to do a short sale. Short sales can be a challenge if you've never done one. If you don't know how to-do a short sale contact a professional that does and work out some type of split on a successful close of escrow.

Con - You will have to be persistent with these people. More than likely they will be totally distracted with bill collectors, food for the kids, gas for the car and a thousand other reasons. When you finally do get to meet with them, make sure you have a system in place so all the documents that need to be signed, get signed. Make sure if the home is deeded in two or more names all parties will be present and willing to sign the needed documents. Have a notary on call or bring one with you. You don't want to call them next day to ask them to sign something else. They could change their mind in that 24hr period and all your work will be wasted.

Another drawback is you will have to wait for them to call you. But, like so many other Real Estate lead generation marketing tips, this should not be your primary way of generating leads it will just be a bonus when they do call.

Summary - This is just one way to generate Real Estate leads, expand your mind of possibilities from just this one idea.

Ken Spohn is the creator of the Ultimate Real Estate Leads System software and a lead generation's expert. To find out more about the software tool visit.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Target Apartments for Real Estate leads


Target Apartments for Real Estate leads

Pros - A lot people are living in an apartment not because they want to but they have to. There any many circumstances would have them move to an apartment. Divorce, Widowed, finances and more. For most this is just a temporary stopping place for them until they can get back on there feet, save some money for a home.
There are many list brokers that you can find online to send targeted mailers to these people.

Just go to a primary search engine and type in "apartment list broker" and I'm sure you'll find many. Some of the lists are even broken down into categories, like pet owners, age, gender, kids ...more.

Cons - Some people are living in apartments just to avoid the responsibility of home ownership. It could be that they live beyond their means and will never save enough money to buy a home. Asking the right questions will help you weed these people out so they don't take up too much of your time so you focus on the people that can buy and are serious about home ownership.

Summary - At the end of the day it's all a numbers game. What you want to be aware of, is make sure you target the right audience for the home you have for sale or your target Real Estate market. Keep in mind that all buyers are not equal. Just because someone wants to buy a home doesn't mean they can or even qualify to buy a home.

Ken Spohn is the creator of the Ultimate Real Estate Leads System software and a lead generation's expert. To find out more about the software tool visit.